TCS Software Requirements Specification

NOTE: This (very long and complex) document were broken down into several documents to enhance readability (by JPO Jun2012).

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of the software requirements specification is to produce a specification for the Unified TASCA Control System which is binding for the development and is as unambiguous as possible. To this end, it contains the sum of all the requirements which have been made (and accepted) on this product and project management from the perspective of the project.

Validity of Document and Definitions

The Unified TASCA Control System provides a structured overview of the status of the experiment equipment and an easy way to configure instruments as well as alarm limits etc. It also collects and stores some data which is necessary for data analysis and calibration. Some of the measured data is used for interlock generation to switch off the ion beam in order to protect target and detector. Additionally to provides short term and long term historical data viewing.

The main feature of TCS is protecting the target and detector!

Relationship with other projects

The requirements described in this document are based on already exisiting LabVIEW software, each dealing with a specific aspect of the complete control system. They become complemented with additional requirements of users based on their experience with the exisitng system. The goal is the unification and simplification of the system with the option of remote viewing in users office.

The main reasons for this project are problems with scattered data log files from several LabVIEW programs which are not synchronized. Minor issuess are related to operation with respect to conveniance.

The new TASCA Control System will unify LabVIEW programms developed with different LabVIEW versions by several developers to provide a common look and feel. So, this is an reengineering project!
  • Most features of the old system will be available in the new system, too.
  • Some depricated interfaces will become replaced.
  • Some NIM electronics will become replaced with a NI-RIO based HW solution.
  • Very little new features will become added compared to the exiting ones.
    • Start/Stop MBS runs(?(not necessary))
    • SCADA functionality
  • Some features will become modified.
    • Data/Log-file formats will be changed to ASCII.
  • Separation of device and UI layer in order to get a system that is better to maintain.

Delimitation, Embedding and Restrictions

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Overview of the required functionality

NEW Section: (by JPO Jun2012) The front end of the Control System, GUI, should be divided (JPO proposal) in two separate parts:

  1. Pure display(s) of information
  2. Work and control terminal

My vision is that the three displays in the top row of the TASCA control racks should give a complete overview of the TASCA and experiment status - but only with necessary/wanted information for the experiment crew (e.g. not for the engineer who wants to know everything). These displays should not be used for input or user interactions/responses, but passively just provide information. Let's call these displays for the "Information Panel".

Then, on one display (or two if needed) at desktop work-height all user input/responses should be performed, including an electronic logbook. This display should mainly be set up to enable the user, in the most obvious way, to response to interlocks and control the beam/experiment. It should also have an advanced mode in which specially trained personnel can perform start-up/shut-down procedures and control parameters "normal" crew are not allowed to change. This display(s) will be referred to as the "Control Station".

With this distinction between "Information Panel" and "Control Station", it is easy to envisage that the Information Panel can be constructed in such a way that it also is suitable for use outside the control room and even GSI. For discussion of this, please read the discussion in the Information Panel sub-document. Similarly, the requirements of the Control Station is discussed in a separate sub-document.

New: How to make a much better control system using "Artificial Intelligence" - please read separate document discussing this topic (added Jun2012 by JPO).

New: How should the new control system display and provide information, at different places and for different purposes - please read separate document discussing this topic (added Jun2012 by JPO).

New: How to control and interact with the new control system - please read separate document discussing this topic (added Jun2012 by JPO).

Hardware and Software Specifications

Control System Users

Mostly experimentators use the TASCA Control System. Experimentators are physcists, chemists or engineers. They are operating the TCS during night and day. Experimentators are often guests of GSI and frequently changing without getting detailed introduction for the TCS. Therefore, the TCS user interface must be easy to understand and self-explaining!

In-depth Details and Specifications (sub-documents)

Detailed Description of Control System Features

Required Functions of the Control System

External Interfaces of the Control System

Other Required Control System Features

Specificiations for Project Management

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-- HolgerBrand - 09 Jan 2012

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