TASCA Control System - Specifications for project management

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Implementation requirements

  • Hardware
    • Development computer:
      • Device layer: 1 Standard PC, 2GB RAM, PCIe interface to connect a PXI-1033 chassis and necessary plugin-boards.
      • UI layer: 1 Standard PC with Windows XP SP3, 2GB RAM
    • Production computer:
      • Device layer: 1 Standard PC, 2GB RAM, PCIe interface to connect a PXI-1033 chassis and necessary plugin-boards.
      • UI layer: 3 Standard PC, 2GB RAM
  • Software
    • Operating systems for the development computers: Windows XP SP3
    • Standard software for development work
      • Standard office PC programs
      • SW tools
        • LabVIEW Professional Developement Suite with DSC and FPGA
        • E³-Series: CAD for cabling documentation
        • SCC: Git or Subversion
  • Other
    • Development method
    • Design methods
    • Provision of QA certificates
    • Confidentiality class for development activities and documents
      • All software will be developed as open source project and becomes published under EUPL v1.1.
  • Quality assurance
    • LabVIEW VI's should be implemented with respect to the NI LabVIEW development guidelines.
    • Cabling should be documented using E³-Series. Ask TanyaTorres for details.

Ready-to-use and bought-in components

  • COM-Server, Wiesemann & Theis, are available and already in use.
  • TPG300, Balzers/Pfeiffer, are available and already in use.
  • MKS647, MKS, gas flow and pressure controller, are available and already in use.
  • PR4000, MKS, gas flow and pressure monitor, are available and already in use.
  • Pyrometer IPE 140, Lumasense, is available and already in use.
  • COMPACT detector, gas control system, is available and already in use.

Acceptance conditions

This section must set out all the conditions which are relevant for the acceptance. Examples:
  • Framework conditions
    • What will be used as reference for the acceptance? (Generally the software requirements specification)
    • How will the acceptance be performed?
    • Who will provide the test data?
      • A test system needs to be prepared to generate at least macro pulse some counter and interlock signals.
    • When must the test data be provided?
      • Test data and signals must be available during development.
      • So, the development of a teststand must be part of the project development.
    • Where will the acceptance take place? UNILAC Messstation
    • Who signs the acceptance report? (Customer, development)
  • Acceptance criteria
    • Definition of the acceptance test
      • Interlock
      • Data/Log-File format
      • Counter rates?
      • ... to be continued ...
    • At what point in time will the acceptance be considered acceptable? (E.g. residual error rate)
    • Are the other features set out in the software requirements specification complied with?
  • Acceptance documents (e.g. test records)
    • Are additional documents required for acceptance? (E.g. certification of reviews with review reports or tests with test records)
  • Specialist reports, safety certification
    • Must specialist reports or safety certification be provided? No!
  • Satisfaction of provisions and standards
    • Does the product comply with prescribed standards and specifications?
      • LabVIEW VIs should be tested using the VI-Analyzer.

Terms of delivery

A series of accelerator experiments are planned at X8 in the period 8.3.2012 - 25.3.2012. This is the only chance to test the new TCS with ion beam. Changing the cabling and electronics needs about 3 days and is a oneway operation. ( Returning to the previous state will be very difficult! ) Therefore the SW development should be finished latest in KW 9.

Additionally, the complete beamline and experiment including Target Wheel and MBS DAQ must be prepared for beamtime.

Requirements for use

During commissioning at least 4 persons must be available:

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