Adaptive Control Unit Module Descriptions

On this page you can find the latest documents describing modules.
(The date in brackets indicates the day of the last update.)

Category Possibly associated sub-modules Document FSP List
ACU 19" Frame     ACU_Datasheet_ACU_Frame_2020_02_03.pdf
USI Modules       ACU-FSPs_Allgemeingültig.pdf (17.03.23)
(40x Digital Interlock Module)
ACU-FSPs_40xDIM_7_0.pdf (17.06.22)
ADC II 18 bits (Class 3)     ACU-FSPs_ADCII_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
ADC 24 bits (Class 2)     ACU-FSPs_ADC_24Bits_Class2_7_0.pdf (17.03.23)
ADC DAC IO     ACU-FSPs_ADCDACIO_7_0.pdf (17.03.23)
ADC DAC IO Ver. II   FG660_490_Info.pdf (Einbaukarte)
ACU-FSPs_ADCDACIO_VerII_7_0.pdf (17.03.23)
ACU-FSPs_ADCDACIO_VerII_7_1.pdf (17.03.23)
ACU-FSPs_ADCDACIO_VerII_7_2.pdf (17.03.23)
(Analog Interlock Module)
    ACU-FSPs_AIM_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
(Interlock- and Control Module)
ACU-FSPs_ICMIII_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
ACU-FSPs_ICMIII_7_5.pdf (04.05.22)
Extension Modules ACU_Datasheet_Optical_Extension_Module_2020_02_03.pdf
SPI Modules ACU_Datahseet_SPI_ADC_EXT_2020_02_10.pdf
ICM SR      
MFU LE (legacy)     ACU-FSPs_MFU_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
MFU LWL     ACU-FSPs_MFU_SE_7_0_LWL.pdf (01.03.24)
MFU SE (second edition)     ACU-FSPs_MFU_SE_7_0.pdf (17.03.23)
ACU-FSPs_MFU_SE_7_4.pdf (17.03.23)
ACU-FSPs_MFU_SE_7_5.pdf (01.03.24)
MFU TFT front Panel     ACU-FSPs_TFT_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
NC (Normal Conductiong) Test Facility     ACU-FSPs_NCTstFac_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
ACU-FSPs_NCTstFac_7_1.pdf (17.03.23)
Parallel Feeder      
ACU Semiconductor Monitoring Module     ACU-FSPs_MM_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
SR Injection Septa      
Static Converter III     ACU-FSPs_SCC_7_3.pdf (04.05.22)
TS1MU1     under revision
Water Interlock Control Module II
    ACU-FSPs_WICM_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
Zero Field Control
    ACU-FSPs_ZFC_7_0.pdf (04.05.22)
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