Software in /usr/local

The central /usr/local/ volume has been discontinued after DebianSqueeze. Please take a look at SoftwareInCvmfs instead.

The old volume is still available at /SAT/usrlocal but most probably contains nothing that is still useful.

Contrary to its naming /usr/local/ is a volume mounted from a central server all over the LinuxFarm.

Software installed here is either
  • not available as a debian package (or shall not be converted),
  • not managed by a member of the LinuxGroup
  • needs to be available in multiple versions in parallel
  • pollution from the past

The state of these packages is in general unknown, the LinuxGroup cannot be held responsible for missing /updated libraries et al.

Name Command Version Location Contact Description
AliRoot aliroot multiple versions /usr/local/pub/debian*/gcc*alice/AliRoot KilianSchwarz Adobe (prev. Macromedia) Flash player n/a 9.0.124 /usr/local/WWW/Browser/Plugins/flash_player.../ Christo Flash plugin for various browsers ANSYS ansys 11.0 /usr/local/ansys/ Christo  
Eclipse eclipse 3.1.2 /usr/local/eclipse/ Christo  
SATAN/GD gd, graf 9712e /usr/local/mk/ MichaelKraemer Login script gdlogin
Geant4   multiple versions /usr/local/pub/debian*/gcc*/sim/ KilianSchwarz  
IDL idl, idlde 8.0 (32- and 64bit versions), 5.6 (for legacy apps) /usr/local/lpp/idl.80/ Christo  
Intel Compiler Suite icc, idb, ... 10.0 /usr/local/Intel/ LinuxGroup  
LabVIEW labview 7.1 /usr/local/labview/ HolgerBrand (  
Mathematica mathematica 8.0 /usr/local/lpp/mathematica GabrieleHorst, Christo  
mpich2   2 /usr/local/mpich2 MariusSchollmeier (  
PortlandCompiler pgcc, pgf, ... 6.1.3 /usr/local/lpp/pig-6.1.3 EdmarStiel, PeterMalzacher Portland Group's PGI Compiler Suite ROOT root multiple versions /usr/local/pub/debian*/gcc*/rootmgr/ JoernAdamczewski, KilianSchwarz  
SAP-GUI sap, sapgui 6.3 r2 /usr/local/sap/ TilmanKirchhoff (, JohannesHeilmann  

info Adobe Acrobat is not longer available for Linux, see here.

Software obsoleted by Debian packages in the meantime

Name Command Latest Version Location Contact Replaced by Mozilla mozilla 1.7.3 /usr/local/WWW/Browser/ Christo DebPkg:mozilladebian (Version 1.7.8), DebPkg:mozilla-firefoxdebian (Version 1.0.4), DebPkg:mozilla-thunderbirddebian (Version 1.0.2) OpenDX (Open Visualization Data Explorer) dx 4.1.0 /usr/local/dx/ EdmarStiel DebPkg:dxdebian (Version 4.3.2)
TeX latex, ... 3.14159 (teTeX 1.0) /usr/local/teTeX/ KerstinSchiebel DebPkgTexliveTeXliveDebianPackages (Version 2005)

-- Christo -- 2005 - 2016
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