GSI-specific macros for the InterwikiPlugin

GsiDb$page Info about device '$page' in GSI's device database
OnaHost$page Info about host '$page' in GSI's IPAM database
GsiDbDetail$page Info about '$page' in GSI's device database
GsiDbLoc$page Info about the devices at '$page' in GSI's device database
GsiDbType$page Info about devices of type '$page' in GSI's device database
GsiDbPerson$page%25 Information about the devices in GSI's device database for which '$page' is responsible.
Man$page '$page' manpage
MattermostChannel$page Mattermost channel '$page'
OTRS GSI TTS Ticket '$page'
SvnAdmin$page '$page' in the gsi-admin SVN repository
SvnAdminRev$page/diff Changeset of revision '$page' in the gsi-admin subversion repository
SvnOracleAcc$page Oracle Subversion repository for GSIACCOUNTS (db-test). Do not forget extension (.VW,. .FNC, .PBS,...)
SvnOracleCAFM$page Oracle Subversion repository for GSI_CAFM(db-test). Do not forget extension (.VW,. .FNC, .PBS,...)
SvnOracleUtl$page Oracle Subversion repository for GSI_UTILS (db-test) Do not forget extension (.VW,. .FNC, .PBS,...)
SvnOracleWeb$page Oracle Subversion repository for GSI_WEB_ADMIN (db-test) Do not forget extension (.VW,. .FNC, .PBS,...)
SvnOracleGsiAdmin$page Oracle Subversion repository for GSIADMIN (db-test) (Gerätedatenbank). Do not forget extension (.VW,. .FNC, .PBS,...)
SvnOracleGdb$page Oracle Subversion repository for scripts and Docs for Gerätedatebank
SvnOracleAdb$page Oracle Subversion repository for scripts and Docs for Benutzerdatenbank
SvnOracleCDB$page Oracle Subversion repository for Component Database
Tel$page GSI phone book
CbmWiki$page Topic '$page' in the CBM Wiki
HadesWiki$page Topic '$page' in the Hades Wiki
NustarWiki$page Topic '$page' in the Nustar Wiki
PandaWiki$page Topic '$page' in the Panda Wiki
Trac$page Topic '$page' in the Trac documentation Wiki
LustreWiki Topic '$page' in the Trac documentation Wiki
DebianWiki Topic '$page' in the Debian Wiki
DebBug Debian bug #$page
DebPkg Information about Debian package '$page'
LinuxKernel File '$page' in the Linux kernel source tree
ChefCookbook$page/tree/master Chef cookbook '$page' on
ChefDataBag$page Chef data bag '$page' on the CHEF server
ChefNode$page Chef node '$page' on the *CHEF* server
ChefRole$page Chef role on the *CHEF* server
GitOrious$page Git repo '$page on (lagacy gitorious reference)
GitLab$page Git repo '$page' on
GitProject$page Git repo '$page' on
GitHub$page '$page' on Github
RedmineIssue$page Issue '$page' on
RedmineProject$page Project '$page' on
FaiConfig$page FAI config file '$page'
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<!-- With LdapContrib WikiUsers becomes irrelevant -->
%IF{"'%WIKINAME%'!='WikiGuest'" then="$n   * [[$percentUSERSWEB$percent.$percentWIKIUSERSTOPIC$percent][ $percentICON{\"person\"}$percent $percentMAKETEXT{\"Users\"}$percent]]"}% \

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