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This page is the starting point for LabVIEW activities and documentation etc.

Installation and Usage

Installation on MS-Windows

Refer to NISoftwareInstallation for details where to get the software and to configure the license manager.

The following steps are important.
  • LabVIEW must be installed with administrator rights ("localadmin").
  • Select the "Toolkits" and "Modules" you need.
  • After finishing the installation, you should give normal users "change access" to the folder "C:\Program Files\National Instruments" and all sub-folders.


Since October 2007, the IT department at GSI no longer supports LabVIEW on the Debian-Linux cluster at GSI, see LabVIEWonDebianLinuxSurvey. If you really need LabVIEW on Linux, the following possibilities exist.

  • Use the Debian-Cluster at GSI. Although no longer supported, LabVIEW version 7.1 is still available thanks to Christo.
  • For newer versions of LabVIEW you have to set-up a Linux box according to the release notes of your LabVIEW version. As an example, we have successfully set-up a machine with SuSE 11 and LabVIEW 2009. This required about 1 - 2 hours of work including the installation of the operating system on that machine. For information on how-to install SuSE Linux at GSI, please ask people from the HpcGroup.

Using LabVIEW

  • It is recommended, that you use LabVIEW with your normal account without administrator rights.
  • Use a dedicated path on the local disk or your network drive to store LabVIEW source code.
  • After starting LabVIEW for the first time,
    1. goto "Tools->Options"
    2. set your desired options in all categories
    3. exit and restart LabVIEW.

LabVIEW Documentation

  • NIs starting point for LabVIEW documentation
  • A LabVIEW Basic I/II Multimedia Course is available on our file Server.
    • LabVIEW Basic 1
      • Solve problems using LabVIEW
      • Use data acquisition and instrument control in LabVIEW applications
      • Use modular programming practices
      • Develop, debug, and test LabVIEW VIs
      • Effectively use a state machine architecture
    • LabVIEW Basic 2
      • Understanding Design Patterns
      • Controlling the User Interface
      • Timing a Design Pattern
      • Communicating Among Multiple Loops
      • Improving an Existing VI
      • Advanced File I/O Techniques
      • Creating and Distributing Applications

LabVIEW Projects

Follwing some links to LabVIEW projects @ GSI
  • TDMS Tools
    • ConcatenateTDMS
      Application to select channels of TDMS files and concatenate them into one new TDMS file.
  • DMSSync
    This application allows to copy changed files or directory trees from source path to target path, e.g. file server file to a corresponding local disc, to update them before usage. It can be used interactively or in a batch file with command line parameters.
    • GPL licensed source under development can be found in our git repository. Current version is LV2019.
    • This project is part of the Domain Management System.
  • Vision Tools
    • ImagesToAVIApplication and installer are available on Scratch.
      • is used to convert multiple images contained in an folder to an AVI file. Frame rate can be configured.
      • ImagesToAVI.rtm is the corresponding menue file.
  • XControls
    This section links to the description of XControls developed at GSI.
  • DSC Custom-IO-Server
    • NIInstSim-IO-Server
      This project serves for educational purpose, how to develop and use a Custom-IO-Server, to connect VISA instrument properties to shared variables. The LabVIEW project is available via Git:
    • Acc-IO-Server
      This IO-Server provides a simple interface to the GSI accelerator control system using shared variables. The LabVIEW project is available via Git: Acc-IO-Server, you also need ACC_LabVIEW_Interface.
  • NI Actor Framework
  • VI-Analyzer
    • Disable Automated Error Handling with options for VI-Type selection. Refer to LabVIEWForum.
  • Collaborative Tools

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