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Beckhoff Device Access via EPICS -
CBM RICH test mirror positioning system -
Summer Student Project 2011


As part of the summer student program 2011 at GSI this projects objective is to develop, evaluate an exemplary motor control, on basis of basic existing components which will
  • use Beckhoff devices
  • be accessed via modBus
  • be controlled via EPICS
  • be displayed, e.g. with CSS
  • (offered to be) used for TASCA, CBM, HADES

Meanwhile the project became more detailed, since CBM showed interest to have a RICH mirror setup motor controlled. This setup requires to have 2 servo motors with a gear reduction to tilt a gimbal mounted planar mirror element (400 mm × 400 mm) in 2 directions. It is foreseen to use this setup during CBM's next test beam time.
Until the ordered parts have arrived, we could use spare equipment of TASCA to develop and test. Thank you.


Summer Student


  • B.Kolb, GSI, HADES/CBM (-2667)
  • T.Torres de Heidenreich, GSI, EE/KS (-1335)
  • P.Zumbruch, GSI, EE/KS (-1435)


  • B.Kolb
  • J.Eschke (CBM RICH)
  • W.Niebur (CBM Cave)


The following documents are provided by the suppliers (Beckhoff, 3S - Smart Software Solution, etc) and download from the suppliers home page.




Technical documentations

    Beckhoff Servo drive

    Beckhoff Motors

    Wittenstein Gearhead TPK+10S

modbus EPICS

Project Description

Mechanical Setup


C6915 Industrial PC setting and operation

  • TwinCATandCEsystem.pdf: Short description of the initial operation and settings with the C6915 PC with windows CE; TwinCAT system configuration.


Final versions

the developments have been done on a system where instead of the final servo motors, step motors lent by TASCA have been used.
So the final final version for the CBM beamtime 10/2011 will have changes to adopt for the server motors and some minor improvements/bugfixes provided by Tanya Torres de Heidenreich for the TwinCAT system and minor changes for EPICS

    Jihye Song's


-- PeterZumbruch - 30 Sep 2011
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
AX5000Usermanual_en.pdfpdf AX5000Usermanual_en.pdf manage 12 MB 2011-08-08 - 14:48 UnknownUser User Manual Servo drive AX5000 pdf
AX5000_usermanual_en.chmchm AX5000_usermanual_en.chm manage 9 MB 2011-08-08 - 14:32 UnknownUser User Manual Servo drive AX5000
Beckhoff-AM3000_Am3500_BA_de.pdfpdf Beckhoff-AM3000_Am3500_BA_de.pdf manage 3 MB 2011-08-10 - 11:02 PeterZumbruch Beckhoff motor manual (german)
Beckhoff-AM3000_Am3500_BA_en.pdfpdf Beckhoff-AM3000_Am3500_BA_en.pdf manage 4 MB 2011-08-10 - 11:02 PeterZumbruch Beckhoff motor manual (English)
CBM_RICH_CE_js.zipzip CBM_RICH_CE_js.zip manage 727 K 2011-09-12 - 11:59 UnknownUser TwinCAT System Manager & PLC programming for mirror alignment : final version
ControlPanel.pdfpdf ControlPanel.pdf manage 2 MB 2011-08-24 - 12:05 UnknownUser TwinCAT Control Panel Description
FirstStepswithCoDeSys.pdfpdf FirstStepswithCoDeSys.pdf manage 72 K 2011-08-03 - 16:32 UnknownUser PLC Program Example
For_test.propro For_test.pro manage 13 K 2011-08-23 - 14:05 UnknownUser PLC program example (TwinCAT PLC programming)
JSong.pdfpdf JSong.pdf manage 1 MB 2011-09-15 - 10:28 UnknownUser report for project
MirrorControlV3.propro MirrorControlV3.pro manage 157 K 2011-08-23 - 14:08 UnknownUser TwinCAT PLC programming for Mirror alignment version.0
MirrorControlV3.tsmtsm MirrorControlV3.tsm manage 153 K 2011-08-23 - 14:12 UnknownUser TwinCAT System Manager for Mirror alignment version.0
SummerSchool_presentation.pdfpdf SummerSchool_presentation.pdf manage 4 MB 2011-09-15 - 11:00 UnknownUser Presentation for Summer Shool Student project
TcModbusSrv.chmchm TcModbusSrv.chm manage 90 K 2011-08-03 - 16:06 UnknownUser TwinCAT Modbus TCP
TwinCATModbusTCPServer.pdfpdf TwinCATModbusTCPServer.pdf manage 125 K 2011-08-03 - 16:26 UnknownUser TwinCAT Modbus TCP PDF
TwinCATModbusTCPServer_en.pdfpdf TwinCATModbusTCPServer_en.pdf manage 122 K 2011-08-08 - 14:11 UnknownUser TwinCAT Modbus TCP PDF English
TwinCATandCEsystem.docdoc TwinCATandCEsystem.doc manage 392 K 2011-08-29 - 13:44 UnknownUser Short description of the initial operation and settings with the C6915 PC with windows CE; TwinCAT system configuration.
TwinCATandCEsystem.pdfpdf TwinCATandCEsystem.pdf manage 308 K 2011-08-29 - 13:58 UnknownUser Short description of the initial operation and settings with the C6915 PC with windows CE; TwinCAT system configuration.
cbm.opiopi cbm.opi manage 78 K 2011-09-15 - 10:26 UnknownUser CSS control panel
cbm_rich_position.opiopi cbm_rich_position.opi manage 82 K 2011-09-30 - 20:11 PeterZumbruch cbm version
modbus_cbm.tartar modbus_cbm.tar manage 2 MB 2011-10-05 - 15:24 PeterZumbruch cbm modbus ioc
modbus_cbm.zipzip modbus_cbm.zip manage 1 MB 2011-09-12 - 11:52 UnknownUser epics modules : Modbus for Mirror alignment control system.
wittenstein-alpha_gesamtkatalogd0411_p160f.pdfpdf wittenstein-alpha_gesamtkatalogd0411_p160f.pdf manage 317 K 2011-08-10 - 10:38 PeterZumbruch transmission technical data (german)
wittenstein-alpha_gesamtkatalogd0411_p160f_en.pdfpdf wittenstein-alpha_gesamtkatalogd0411_p160f_en.pdf manage 354 K 2011-08-10 - 10:42 PeterZumbruch gearhead technical data (eng)
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