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Architecture: ETRAX's CRIS by AXIS

The ETRAX 100LX MCM from AXIS (Wikipedia: en/de) is the core of several boards (e.g. HADControl (HadCon), TRB) developed at our department.
To implement EPICS for this architecture two options are offered:

  • Cross compiling EPICS for the ETRAX CRIS architecture
    • using the build system of EPICS
      • contained in the in EPICS base since release 3.14.10

  • DIM as intermediate protocol with DIM API compiled for ETRAX CRIS
    • using the EPICS-DIM Interface

EPICS on ETRAX cris architecture

  1. cross compiling EPICS on ETRAX architecture
  2. setting up an IOC on the ETRAX providing directly data and local logic

For details see the Step-by-Step documentation and for download its Download section.
Status: running, committed to EPICS base at ANL, documentation finished
-- PeterZumbruch - 20 Feb 2008

DIM for Axis' ETRAX

  1. Cross compiling the lean DIM protocol on this architecture
  2. Implementing a DIM Server (DIM Client) for reading (Service) and writing (Command) values
  3. Accessing those services from EPICS via the EPICS DIM Interface ( q.v. e.g. HADES Gas Monitor in the section Application of this page )
    Status: running, documentation 20%
-- PeterZumbruch - 06 Sep 2007

    Cross compiling and installation

    The following documents describe how to cross compile and install DIM for ETRAX based systems:


    -- PeterZumbruch - 03 Aug 2007

-- PeterZumbruch - 10 Nov 2009
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