Parametric Current Transformer

The parametric current tranformer (PCT, also known as DC-Trafo) is a device to measure stored beam intensity in CRYRING@ESR. It has been manufactured by Bergoz.


The PCT has a sensitivity of 10mV/μA and a nominal resolution of 0.5 μA for 0.1s integration time

In the GSI installation, the measurement range of the PCT is set to 1 mA maximum, for which it produces an analog output voltage of 10 V. This voltage-signal is converted to a frequency which can be recorded by scalers and counters. The conversion ratio is 100 μA beam current = 1V PCT output voltage = 1MHz VFC output. Please note also that the VFC presently has an upper input voltage limit of 1V, corresponding to an effective maximum for the beam current of 100 µA. Please note that the measurement also has a (slightly fluctuating) offset, for an absolute measurement of the beam intensity the offset needs to be measured periodically.

To measure even lower beam currents, CRYRING@ESR is also equipped with an IntegratingCurrentTransformer and possibly by a CryogenicCurrentTransformer.

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