Delimitation, Embedding and Restrictions of the Program

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  • TCS does not include control loops. Control loops are part of connected instruments, e.g. MKS or Target Wheel Control.
    • The desired Fielpoint based vacuum control will be deferred to unknown future.
  • TCS and DAQ (MBS) are connected loosely.
    • There is no monitoring of the DAQ system.
    • Starting and stopping MBS runs is supported(?(not necessary))
    • Some digital HW input to switch off the beam to reduce the background for delayed decay detection.
    • Starting and stopping MBS runs is supported.
  • For securitiy and safety reason TCS does interact with the Target Wheel Control via HW signals only.
  • Status of TCS relevant accelerator controlled devices will be monitored. A few cups only will be controlled by TCS. The LabVIEW-ACC-Interface will be used for this purpose. Trafos will be connected to the TCS via HW signals.

General restrictions

Following restrictions are known. Available hardware should be reused or extended.
  • The pyrometer is directly connected to a PC via RS232.
  • All other instrumentsa with serial line interface are indirectly connected to a PC via COM-Server-Ethernet-Gateway.
  • ACC-Interface is used for communication with the accelerator control system. Update rates are relative slow, greater 100 ms.

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