Starting power converter software on LynxOS sytem


The power converter control program was originally operated on a LynxOS system using a pci card that would send and recieve commands on the GSI Milbus called "pcimil".

Starting the software

  1. Log in on the computer running LynxOS using the account mole
  2. Change to the directory power_converter
  3. Start
  4. When the new shell has been started run the usual program.
Explanation: LynxOS is a realtime system. When the power converter is operated the control program is operated with highest priority. This can result in starvation of the other programs in particular the NFS client. Then when the program is started the next time, the script file and the binary file have to be loaded from NFS. This can result in a significant slower startup. The command
  • creates the directory /pc, which is part of the ramdisk, as the ram disk is mounted on /
  • Then it copies to /pc/
  • Furthermore it copies power_converter.bin to /pc/power_converter.bin
  • Then it starts the shell with apporiate setup in /pc/

-- PierreSchnizer - 2016-11-29


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