LibreOffice is a suite of office applications for presentations, text, and spread sheet processing. It is a standard part of the LinuxDesktop installation at GSI.

Viewing and Editing of MS Office Documents

If you can't just complain to the ones that have burdened you with such documents and plainly refuse to work with them, use the Libre Office programs as a substitute as follows:


GSI templates

GSI provides letter templates for LibreOffice (beneath /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/template/common/officorr). These templates are available from inside Libreoffice Writer

LibreOffice 4 (DebianJessie)

  1. Open the dialog: FileNewTemplates
  2. Open Tab Documents and choose the subfolder Business Correspondence. The GSI templates are inside.

LibreOffice 3 (DebianWheezy)

  1. Open the dialog: FileNewTemplates and Documents
  2. Open Tab Templates and choose the subfolder Business Correspondence. The GSI templates are inside.


NEW You may find spell checkers for many languages and other useful stuff like networking icons similar to Visio at and a howto for installing extensions at (in German language).


In some cases Libre Office refuses to edit documents with a corresponding error message, e.g. after a system crash.

  • Check the file permissions of the document.
    After copying files from a read only medium like CD the copy may have no write permissions.
  • Look for other running instances of Libre Office and stop them.
    To prevent concurrent editing files are locked by Libre Office.
  • Search for remaining lock files and remove them.
    For a document bla.odt the corresponding lock file is .~lock.bla.odt# in the same directory.

You may also reset your profile for Libre Office as described at

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