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Waveform Generator

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HadCon2's FPGA based Waveform Generator which can be accessed via the HadCon2's Controls Api's Commands

<p />... more see HadCon2 FPGA Waveform Generator

-- MichailPligouroudis - 2014-02-27

FPGA based 1-wire ADC

  • One-Wire ADC is an application implemented inside the FPGA of the HadCon2 board. It can provide 6 ADC channels of 10bit resolution at 9,6kSps that can be read through 1-wire interface from a Master device. The Span of the ADC is 150mV – 3,097V. Multiple versions of higher resolution can also be supported.
  • It is a compact design since it uses only the FPGA and an external Low pass filter. There is no need for additional ICs for the protocol and the ADCs.
<p />... more see HadCon2 FPGA base 1-wire ADC

-- MichailPligouroudis - 2014-01-30

How To Install

-- PeterZumbruch - 18 Jul 2013
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