Graphics of diagnostic boxes

Information about the diagnostic boxes

  • The System is based on MCPs and Phosphor-screens. A Faraday cup is mounted on the same feedthrough like the MCP. The feedthrough is driven by a stepper motor.

  • Concerning the system H.R.Kremers has written in an e-mail:

Dear Oliver,

At the moment we want to finalize the loose ends of the HiTRAP/ ISIBHI project so I made the following decisions.

1) Camera readout

a. We choose and bought a SONY camera connected by a camera link cable to a NI card. It has temporary data storage onboard. In this option there will be no PCI bus interference.

b. We are willing to look into the standard camera of GSI with the Firewire connection. But this will take extra time and costs and we see this as an extra thing to the agreed project. So if needed we will do this in the future. Let me know what you want.

2) Motor controls.

a. We choose a LabVIEW card with motor and driver ourselves. The motors you offer seem to be a good option but the driver of 6000 euro is far too expensive. We are willing to look into the option to use the standard parts but again that will take extra time and extra costs. We see this as not included in the project.

3) Faraday cup readout.

a. The faraday cup readout will be by default a voltage readout over a resistor. I can imagine that because of the short beam pulses we need a charge integrator to be able to measure accurately the beam intensity in the pulse. At this moment we never talk about the charge integration so if you want that it is an extra thing. I see the necessity of this piece so I like to have an idea how you want to do this to accommodate implementation to a certain degree.

4) Positioning switched

a. Positioning of the faraday cup as well as the MCP will be done by counting the steps the stepper motor makes.

b. There will be a init switch and a end switch for safety

5) Absolute calibration.

a. At the moment we want to image a, in size defined, piece mounted in the object plane to do the absolute calibration of the system.

6) LabVIEW controls

a. We will buy two PC’s soon for the HiTRAP profile measurements to be able to finalize each profile meter. I know there are some thoughts about the FIELDPOINT system but that was never finalized in discussions. So if you still want to have the FIELDPOINT option than that will be an extra thing.

Best regards

Rob Kremers

-- OliverKester - 13 Oct 2006
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