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Nomenclature at CRYRING@ESR

This is an (incomplete) list of nomenclature used at CRYRING@ESR.


All CRYRING@ESR nomenclature names start with "YR" (because "CR" refers to the upcoming Collector Ring at FAIR), followed by the ring section ("01" to "12") for elements of the ring or "00" for the ring as a whole. For elements of the local injection beamline its "YRT1" and for the extraction "YRE1".

Nomenclature Type of System
MH dipole magnet
QS quadrupole magnet
KS sextupole magnet
DS step motor, e.g. scraper, detector drive
DF fluorescent screen
DC Faraday cup

List of nomenclature names

Nomenclature Component
YR00MH dipole magnets 1 - 12
YR00QS1 focussing quadrupoles
YR00QS2 defocussing quadrupoles
YR01DF3V camera of the fluorescent screen setup in YR01
YR02DC1 Faraday cup in YR02
YR03DS1HA step motor drive for particle detector (YAP:Ce scintillator) behind the electron cooler
YR04DS2HA step motor drive for particle detector (channel electron multiplier) behind the electron cooler
YR07DC2 Faraday cup in YR07
YR07DF2 fluorescent screent in YR07
YR08DT1ML ParametricCurrentTransformer ("DC-Trafo")
YR08DIPH horizontal ionisation profile monitor (IPM)
YR11DIPV vertical ionisation profile monitor (IPM)
YR11DX1S Schottky probe
YR12DT1C AC trafo for current measurement

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