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Controls system applications

A guide to some control system applications that might be useful during experiments.

App Launcher

All of the applications mentioned here (and many, many more) can be accessed via the App Lauchner from the terminals in the main and local control rooms. The tabs "Operations & Controls" and "CRYRING" are the most relevant to CRYRING@ESR experiments.

If the App Launcher is not open anywhere follow these steps:
  • right click on an empty piece of screen to open a menu,
  • check under "Windows" whether the App Launcher is open already,
  • if not, select "GSI applications" and click "CSCOAP launcher".

Lassie Monitor

Lassie Monitor is extremely useful for monitoring a great variety of data feeds from beam diagnostic setups at CRYRING as well as other machines. Additionally there are four ports in the electronics container that can be used to input other rates (e.g. from experiment detectors). It should be noted that Lassie Monitor is not a data acquisition system as it does not store data. Anything that is not saved (by screenshot or data export) before it leaves the screen is gone.

When Lassie Monitor is openend there are three pre-installed data streams showing particle numbers in SIS18, ESR and CRYRING. To add more feeds choose "Accelerator: CRYRING" under "Groups" on the left, select a device (for info on the nomenclature see here) and click on "Add". Under "Trend Depth" the time window can be adjusted.

Cryring IPM

Device Control

Screen Shot

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