TASCA Controls Computer Configuration

This page describes the hardware and software comfiguration of the TASCA Controls Computer.

All Computers

  • Installed software
  • Autostart Links
    • DMS Client:
      "F:\LVSCC\binaries\DomainManagementSystem\DMSClient.exe -- TASCA kcpc068"
  • Desktop Links
    • DMS Viewer:
      "F:\LVSCC\binaries\DomainManagementSystem\DMSViewer.exe -- TASCA"


This PC is the LabVIEW 2009 development computer.

  • Installed or connected hardware
    • NI PCI-6602 Counter
    • NI PCI-6602 Counter
    • NI PCI-6036E MIO
    • NI PCI-7811 RIO
  • Installed software
    • PushOK for Subversion (not yet installed)
    • NI LabVIEW 2009 Prof. Dev. System + Add-ons
    • NI Diadem 11.0
    • Installed LabVIEW Applications
  • Subversion Working Copy:
  • Autostart Links
  • Desktop Links


This PC is the Central PC of the controls computer. It is used for

  • Installed or connected hardware
    • NI PXI-1033 Chassis
      • NI PXI-6602 Counter
      • NI PXI-6251 MIO
      • NI PXI-7811R RIO
  • Installed software
    • NI Diadem 11.0
    • NI LabVIEW Applications
      • Beam Control
        • Refer to Udo Krause for permissions to access the accelerator control system ( UfsAcc)!
      • Beam Monitor
      • Slit Control
      • TPG300 Monitoring
  • Autostart Links
    • Dim DNS:
      "E:\Program Files\dim_v19r11\bin\dns.exe"
    • DMS Server:
      "F:\LVSCC\binaries\DomainManagementSystem\DMSServer.exe -- TASCA 
            * Set path to files.exe
  • Desktop Links


This PC is used for TASCA Gas Control.


This PC is used for TASCA RTC Gas Control w/o Valves.


This PC is connected to the UNILAC Network. It is used for TASCA Magnet Control.

-- HolgerBrand - 23 Aug 2010
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