Kickoff Meeting for the new Unified TACSA Control System

Date: Wednesday 14.December 2011
Attendees: Holger Brand, Sascha Yakuschev, Matthias Schädel, Egon Jäger and Jon Petter Omtved

Summary of discussion

In prinzip we want a new control system which is divided in two parts:
  • Device Layer
  • User Layer

Following questions and priorities were discussed:
  • First of all is to have a list of all signals and which device handle it.
  • Which signal is fast and how much is the amount of data?
  • Which program part must be running first?
  • The magnet program has low priority!
  • All programs should use the same LabVIEW version.

Device Layer

This part collects all input parameter into the system and provides output data.

  • Software:
    • Nodal read parameter via "acc.-server". 1 sec. response.
      • Controls cups , moves DC2, DC4 and add. DC5 (in/out) and read currents.
      • Read current from trafos DT2 and DT3.
      • Read amplification trafos DT2/DT3 and cups DC2/DC4/DC5, "Virt.-Acc.", status.
      • Read out from other UNILAC cups (safety), status Gate valves etc.
  • Hardware:
    • FPGA read "fast" input parameter (electrical signals)
    • Macro pulse ["MP"] (width, rate): --> TTL 5ms/50Hz
    • Trafo signal (current); DT2 and DT3: --> Freq. < 8MHz TTL, comes from LSB5 via cable terminal BNC.
    • Trafo signal (current); DT2 and DT3: --> Freq. < 8MHz TTL,
      comes from LSB5, separate line (9pol D-Sub), 3bit amplification(TTL), frame pulse (similar macro pulse)
    • DSSSDetec.-Rate (counts/sec); --> TTL
    • Rutherford Det.-rate; --> TTL
    • Target wheel (sync.); --> TTL-level (status: sync./async.)
    • Wheel position: 2 Bits TTL
    • EVR chopper on/off; --> MBS-bit, TTL < 50 ns
    • Pyrometer. setpoint for alarm --> TTL
    • Temperature analog 4..20mA
    • Vacuum readout 5x serial out (10 Channels)
    • Vacuum status (good/bad); --> 10 relay outputs 24V
    • "FPGA"status of all inputs and response of setted values and alarms.
    • 16x Interlock status TTL --> Chopper interlock --> TTL level
    • Magnet Measurement and setpoints: ADC/DAC <--> magnet power via device bus. New PCI-Interface card in beam control pc possible
    • FPGA-A/D Input: Temperature pyrometer; --> analog 4..20mA --> ADC
    • Slit control analog 2channels Beckhoff -D/A converter 4..20mA --> ADC
    • All serial ports to one PC.
      • Vacuum control
      • Tasca-gas-control,
      • RTC-gas-control,
      • Veto-detector,
      • Tasca-H2-gas-control,
      • Veto-HV

User Layer

  • Access to beam parameter via shared variables.
  • Data handling and storage.
  • Showing parameters GUI
  • Common start procedures.
  • One VI start beam control program and mbs-system together.
  • Overview GUI has LAN access and gets data from former
    • TASCA Gas-Program
    • Magnets-Program
    • TASCA Vacuum-Program and
    • writes on one common log file on disk (ascii).
  • File handling
    • Only aquisition --> system write zero numbers in integral column.
    • Aquisition and measurement --> system writes real integral in column.
  • Generates report of main experiment parameters on printer.
  • Alarm handling: Pieper
  • Presetted filenames, run names , data volume size
  • Web publishing--> LV runtime engine on each pc in local net?
  • Proposal for the Unified TCS GUI by HolgerBrand:
    Proposal for the Unified TCS GUI by <a href=HolgerBrand" width="1838" height="963" />

-- HolgerBrand - 09 Jan 2012
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