Beam Monitor Application

This host VI starts, stops and monitors the FPGA based beam current monitor which generated an interlock signal in case the current limit is exceeded for a user specified numer of time.

  • Info Tab of the Beam Monitor application: The range limits of the intensity can be viewed in several units. Also the number of edges to be ignored at the beginning of each spill can be set here, default is 10.

  • Operation Tab of the Beam Monitor application: This is the default tab. The FPGA monitoring can be started and stopped using the buttons. The desired parameters, beam current limit, Number of Interlock conditions to ignore and the corresponding Mode, can be set only while the FPGA monitzoring is stopped. If a chopper interlock was raised, it must be reset manually. The meter displays four values: Beam Current, its Maximum and Standard Deviation and the Limit. (Elements in Fifo monitors the DMA data transfer.)

  • Histogram Tab of the Beam Monitor application shows a histogram of the Beam Current distribution. You can set the sampüle length and number of intervals to use.

-- HolgerBrand - 04 Nov 2009
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