Description of the new Beam Control Program (version 1.3.0 build 5)

Changes made:

  • New screen layout.
  • Reduced log-file size (now two options: Write each DAQ event (each macro pulse) or only about once per second).
  • Alarms on TC2 and TC3 current read from the accelerator network (NODAL).
  • Control of chopper and Faraday cups is done with two independent buttons (each can be pushed repetedly by e.g. inpatient users with no adverse effects).
  • Added a TAB-page with "logbook". Here many actions performed by the user (e.g. chopper, start logging, etc.) is automatically written (but not stored to disk - that must be done in a later version). All critical events, like too high beam intensity, are also logged on this page.
  • The Layout was made such that in a future version target-temperature control can be included. This is not operative in the current version (1.3.0 build 5).


Consistency and stability test performed Saturday and Sunday 4.-5. June 2011:

  • Chopper interlock.
    • Checked that buttons to control the chopper (more accurately the interlock signal line #3 to the interlock box, which is actually controlling the chopper) works. Interlock box LED is going on and off correctly (checked - OK).
  • DAQ alarms
    • Alarms and interlocks generated by DAQ events (i.e. Macro Pulse structure and too high count rates from TC3 or the detector) checked (minor problem found and fixed). Too narrow Macro Pulse or too low frequency engaged the interlock, this is impractical and was disabled. (Checked - OK).
  • NODAL alarms
    • Alarms on NODAL current levels. Too high current on either TC2 or TC3 will generate alarm and engage the chopper (checked - OK). Too low current will give alarms, but not engage the chopper (checked - OK).
  • Logging
    • Investigated that log file is generated as it used to (but with reduced size and rate). Performed overnight test to ensure that no long-time effects had not been discovered (Checked - OK).
    • Investigated that info in logfile (LabView TDMS binary format) is ok by inspecting it with DIDiem (Checked - OK).
    • Made a LV program which reads the logfiles. Checked that it is possible to read all information stored, in particular that the timestamps (different for NODAL data and DAQ data) is intact and linked to correct datapoints (checked - OK). When developed a little more, the program should be useful to quickly and easily inspect logfiles and for data analysis needs. It can be developed to perform current measurments between any two points in time post experiment.

Known issues

  • The logbook will not receive automatically generated multiple error messagnes, only the first one. Each such event must be acnowledged by disengaging the chopper. Until this is done the messages will not be written. The reason for this is to avoid error messages written automatically at the rate of the Macro Pulses. This has nothing to do with interlock triggering, so there is no problem with the safety - but some messages might be lacking in the logbook.


  • The new VI has been implemented using GSI conventions for code development and Lab-View programming, using the source code repository, etc. This was done with help of H. Brand. The new version, 1.3.0, build 5, is in the repository and both source code and executable can be fetched if e.g. the control computer has a disk failure.

-- JonPetterOmtvedt - 05 Jun 2011
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