STF System Configuration

This page contains information about the system configuration at STF.

STF-PC Folder structure

Following folder structure is setup on all STF control system computers.

  • C:\Programme (x86)\STF
    The STF executable is installed here.
  • D:\STF\Configuration
    STF configuration data is stored here. It is an Git repository. Its origin is \\\GIT-Repositories\STF-Configuration.git.
    • D:\STF\Configuration\STF.ini
      This is the configuration file for STF.exe. After modification it need to be copied to C:\Programme (x86)\STF (Local admin permission is required for this action!).
    • D:\STF\Configuration\Calibration
      Calibration data is stored here.
  • D:\STF\DSC
    DSC historical data is stored here. Each process has its own folder. Do not touch this files!
    • D:\STF\DSC\STF-MsgLogger
      This DB contains CS++ system and other log messages.
  • D:\tmp
    This folder can be used for temporary file storage.

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