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This section describes how to modify and adjust a STF.ini file for specific purposes.

1 - There are three versions of the STF.ini file:

  1. 1 - STF.ini in folder C:/Programme/STF/data as some kind of a template, provided just after the installation of the STF software package

  1. 2 - The template version (-> 1.1) should be copied to folder: D:/STF/Configution

  1. 3 - After this copy (-> 1.2) was modified and adjusted for specific purposes it is copied in the STF main folder finally: C:/Programme/STF. This "active" STF.ini file should be set to write-protected properties

in order to prohibit any changes afterwards (by user or operating system). Additionally a version control should be follow by using SourceTree!

2 - Modification steps shown by the STF.ini file (-> 1.3) which already exists for the Quench Detection system KIT118 (MTPC118):

  1. 1 - Look for "KIT116" components in the STF.ini file, for example the section [KIT116-QVA]. Copy and attach these parts below the KIT116 sections.

2.2 - Within these attached parts replace "KIT116" by "KIT118" (for another/new Quench Detection system).

2.3 - As the circumstance requires activate the Shared Folder option "QRam33" on the target PC, also see: KIT-QA:KIT-QA.SearchPath=, section [KIT116-QVA]).

2.4 - Required adjustments of following files:

KIT-QA:KIT-QA.SensorCalibration="D:\\STF\\Configuration\\Calibration\\KIT-Calibration.ini" (should be completed);

Usually it's necessary to provide concrete proper values for this file!

2.5 - If necessary adjust the following lines:

CS++DeviceActors:CS++DeviceActor.ResourceName="COM4" (in case of "KIT116" the COM port was set to "COM3").

KIT-QVA:KIT-QVA.Address="4" (in case of "KIT116" the address was set to "1").

2.6 - Finally save STF.ini, set properties to write-protected and copy it to the STF main folder (-> 1.3). NOTE: Admin rights are required for the last step!
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