How to install the STF Teststand Software

You need local admin permission to install software on GSI Windows -PC's.
  1. Mount network disk: \\\MT
    1. Navigate to ==\\\data\NI\Software\Developer_Suite_2015_DS2 <br />You find the NI Development Software in this folder.
  2. Copy DSC 2015 to a local drive and unzip.
  3. Install the necessary LabVIEW Runtime software for the Data Logging and Supervisory Control Module: your-unzip-folder\Setup.exe
  4. =Mount network disk: \\\data\STF=
    1. Navigate to ==Installer <br />You find a collection of installers in this folder.
    2. Install the necessary LabVIEW Runtime software and drivers: .\STF Driver Installer\Volume\Setup.exe==
    3. Install the STF Teststand software: ==STF-Installer-k-l-m\Volume\Setup.exe (Version k: Major, l:Minor ,m: Fix)
  5. Edit the C:\Program Files (x86)\STF\STF.ini and modify it to your needs. *Make sure that it is set to Read-Only.
  6. Configure the Windows Firewall if you want to access the historical data, alarms and messages. Refer to eLog for details.
-- HolgerBrand - 21 Jul 2016

Please note: When using STF.exe for KIT Quench Detection applications the KIT-calibration file has to be placed in following directory:


In the case this directory path doesn't exist it has to be created (admin permission required!).
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