How to change your GSI Linux (Kerberos) password

For the impatient

  1. Obtain a Linux command line (eg. on a lxg… or ssh
  2. Enter passwd
  3. You will be prompted for your current Kerberos password and for your new password (twice)

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Access to the command line ...

  • If you are working on any GSI Linux machine (hostname begins with lx...) with a graphical user interface you only have to open a command line window (terminal), e.g. konsole for KDE or xterm. The corresponding button in the KDE panel looks like a monitor, simply click on this icon.

  • If you are working with Windows you'll have to open a session to a Linux machine via ssh using a Secure Shell Client (e.g. PuTTY).

  • To start a connection you'll have to enter as the host name. In the console window you can enter your Linux account name and your actual (i.e. old) UNIX/Linux password. If you are connecting to a ssh server for the first time you'll have to accept its ssh key. To ensure that the target belongs to the host group you may compare its fingerprint with the value on this page, then click Ja, OK or any corresponding button of your Windows client. For Linux clients you'll have to type yes and hit Return.

Step 2: Change your password on a Linux-machine

Use the command passwd. There will be no visual feedback when typing the password to prevent eavesdropping. Please take note of the current password rules. Watch out for errors. If you fail to fulfill the password rules, an error will be printed to tell you what went wrong, otherwise a message of success will be printed.

Dont forget to close the command line session after finishing your work. You can logout by typing exit and pressing Return.


Q: I've forgotten my old UNIX/Linux password, how can I reset it?
A: Please contact the User Help Desk (SB3 1.247, -2515).

Q: My proposed new password isn't accepted, why that?
A: You have to fulfill the password-rules stated in Step 2.

Q: How can I create a "strong" password?
A: Use a password manager. Have a look at the information on passwords on the web site of GSI..
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