-- SoniaUtermann - 2018-04-13

Task list 13th April 2018

Update the timetable on website and in slide package

Prepare conference pack and virtual conference pack

Buy postcards and stamps

Print name badges and wifi access codes (tough luck for late registrants)

Prepare key note lecture AGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Prepare warm-up exercises

dietary requirements?

Role cheat sheets/handbooks chair/co-chair/rapporteur


Housekeeping talk

Prepare signs


Meetings with Stéphane and Héloise

Summary of tasks from 5th April 2018

24 registrants; all but two for the apero, all but three for the GANIL tour.

Inform registrants of rail strike; suggest buses or car rental; ask about a CDG-Rennes-Caen shuttle

Remind GANILis to register

Key note lecture

Update timetable. Make a detailed timetable for the organisers, with descriptions.

Wiki: format of results

Talk to Marek about his talk (12:00 Monday)

Talk to Navin about his contribution (Ketel and Marek?)

Info on GANIL website update “the bus A has replaced the tram A” (Valentin?)

WIFI codes are individual: stick them on the back of the name badges.

Apero: “comme d’habitude”: 30 people (Cécile)

Dinner: 25 to 30 people, three offers, GANIL hospitality rules apply (Cécile)

There will be two tours of GANIL. Ketel will talk to the potential tour guides.

Prepare housekeeping talk (Sonia)

peanut is un cacahuète, pronounced kakahwet.

Task list from 20th and 21st February 2018

GANIL tasks
Sonia’s tasks

Delegate package: Useful pocket (ordered from Lyreco) with a GANIL sticker containing
• Name badge (ordered from Lyreco)
• Strip of 4 green stickers (ordered from Lyreco)
• Plan of guesthouse
• Transport in Caen
• Conference dinner info
• Stamped postcard of Caen
• Timetable
• Rules of play
• Sonia’s contact telephone number
• pen (GANIL; if not, FAIR/GSI)
• Freebie notepaper (GANIL; if not, FAIR/GSI)
Task: GANIL. Please also send it to Sonia digitally, so I can put a virtual conference pack on the wiki

• this way to IKBest4
• time for (lunch, plenum etc.)
• Rules of play

Stationery (Papiéterie)
• Sandrine to order the Lyreco supplies
• protocol sheets (done)
• Sonia will bring a moderation suitcase
• Abrisszettel

• Update the timetable according to the discussion of 20.02.2018 (done)
• Update the great form Valentin made
• Put Sonia’s explanatory slides online
• Wiki

• Short text and link to all invitees (drafted)
• Extra letter to invited experts (drafted)
• Talk to Marek and ask him to prepare a 20-minute introduction to SPIRAL2 and IDEAAL
Send out invitations after website goes live

Conference dinner and breaks
• Sandrine: restaurant for dinner
• Apero
• Breaks, coffee, fruit, water

• Sonia to invite Frank Becker to moderate.
• Google ice-breaker exercises for the apero group to discuss
• Sonia to make “emergency exercises” for if we have too much time or too little energy

GANIL tour
• Fix the time with the colleagues giving the tour

-- SoniaUtermann - 2018-04-13

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