December 1, 2005, 10h

Room: GSI, SB2 2.239b


Please, feel free to add topics to the agenda.
  • Protokoll of previous meeting
  • Definition of our aims. What do we want? Control systems for Experiments and interaction/interfaces with DAQ and Accelerator? Or control systems for DAQ? Or do we understand ourselves more as a kind of controls coordination group that works out recommendations? Or are we a working group that actually provides tools and intefaces that can be used in real life?
  • Commitments of FAIR collaborations
    In order to make this series of meetings efficient we definitely need commitments of the FAIR collaborations and affected groups. Do we want to go for a Memorandum of Understanding?
  • Controls School
    I proposed at ICALEPCS 2005 to organize a Controls School. I will report about the ongoing discussion. Are the member of FAIR collaborations interested in such a Controls School?
  • EMailList for invitations etc.
  • ...


JoernAdamczewski, DietrichBeck, HolgerBrand, BurkhardKolb, UdoKrause, MichaelSayed, MarcRStockmeier

Meeting minutes:

  • Protocol of the previous meeting was accepted.
  • FAIRcontrolGroup could be used as mailing list via wiki change notification. All known candidates should be included in the wiki group initially.
  • Discussion of our mission statement
    • The MissionStatement is the agreement about goals of the FAIR Controls Advisory Board that has to be founded in near future.
      • Members: Responsible persons of Accelerator, Experiments and Infrastructure
    • Possible topics:
      • Synergy by standardization of controls in hard- and software
        • Conflict: Tailored solution <-> Frameworked standardization
      • Advantages must be obvious to the collaboration partners:
        • Help in project management, e.g.
          • Collection of primary requirements and their analysis
          • Discussion of solution proposals and risk analysis
          • ...
        • Consulting and access to controls knowledge base
          • Check lists for activities during the life time of projects.
          • ...
        • Communication platform to enhance the attractiveness
        • Development of prototypes to gain experience to prepare:
          • Recommendations of tools and their support.
        • Training for frameworks
        • Design in support
    • The results of the previous topics aim at obtaining mandatory agreements!
  • To do list:
    • Contacting of responsible persons and registration for this wiki web.
    • Comparison with existing detectors and solutions.
    • Indication of critical points

Next meeting: MeetingJan192006

-- DietrichBeck, HolgerBrand, MichaelSayed - 01 Dec 2005

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