Please find below how it should NOT be done!!!!!!!

It makes sense to allow the Linux on the ml403 board to get access to some files (a directory) on another computer. On the nfsserver introduce the following line to /etc/exports
Restart the nfsserver. (/etc/init.d/nfsserver restart)

After the restart the nfs-mount should work. But Murphy hit me once more (but not hard enough);-)
root@ml403:~# mount -a
NFS: NFSv3 not supported.
nfs warning: mount version older than kernel
The nfsmount works, even with this error message. But no read write capability.
root@ml403:/nfs# touch teste
touch: creating `teste': Read-only file system

First guess: /nfsml403/ should be /nfsml403/ but this made no difference.

-- MarcRStockmeier - 20 Feb 2006
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