A loooooooooooong brake took place for these kind of developments. (just a remark)

In order to run the check the principles I just try whether a cross compiled IOC runs on the preinstalled Linux on the ml403 board.


In order to start the development certain steps are needed.

NFS mount

I assume that a socond network for a private network is installed. I use: on my Suse linux machine and on the ml403

The wrong way: NfsHistory

It makes sense to allow the Linux on the ml403 board to get access to some files (a directory) on another computer. On the nfsserver introduce the following line to /etc/exports
Restart the nfsserver. (/etc/init.d/nfsserver restart)

On the client side(ml403): Add in /etc/nfstab the following line:  /nfs   nfs     rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192  0  0
The mountpoint /nfs must exist. Mounting with mount /nfs does the job.

EPICS cross compilation stuff setup

-- MarcRStockmeier - 20 Feb 2006
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