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HADES RPC Threshold Control - Status


  • we have a running system!




How to ...

Last changes


  • rpc_v2.adl (e.g. tkdiff rpc_v2.adl attic/rpc_v2_9.adl)
    • call it cosmetics, I changed the column pictures
    • I changed the preset displays of every cell row, to display the content of the preset table
    • I changed the freeze button due to an different record schematic to overcome the possibility to bypass the freeze feature (now it writes its values also to a freeze table instead of setting DISA directly)
    • I changed the colors for frozen channels from red to yellow
  • rpc_sparechan.adl (e.g. tkdiff rpc_sparechan.adl attic/rpc_sparechan_2.adl)
    • ... in fact I had to redo it completely. The diff will show it.
    • $(TRB) has been removed
-- PeterZumbruch - 14 May 2008
  • add description format description for (TRB MBO ...)
-- PeterZumbruch - 04 Jun 2008


  • TRB for spare channels removed
  • concept freeze table implemented
  • concept preset table implemented
  • created shell script to generate cmd files for different SubEvtId - SxTRBy combinations
  • Dump function
-- PeterZumbruch - 14 May 2008
  • implemented new SPI4 version based on DMA by Radek
    • Radek's redesign of the spi interface and redesign it and modularize it
      • rpc_thr.c
      • spi.c (include spi-interface.h)
      • spi-interface.h (new)
      • spi-interface.c (new)
      • Makefile
      • Radek
  • DBO Input vs. DAC notation introduced
    • both values are used and checked
      • correct DBO_number vs. DAC asymmetry (DBO=MAXDAC(TRB)-DAC)
        • rpc_thr.c
          • function which gives back the correct value depending on TRB number
        • .templates
          • provide TRB number to subroutine record calls
        • modified Database DESC instead of "TRB MBO DAC DAC_CHANNEL" now "TRB MBO DBO DBO_INPUT" where DBO_INPUT = CHANNEL mod 4 * rpc_threshold.perl, *.templates
  • TRB 3, ignore DBOs larger than 2 when reading in the database (file) since we agreed that only mini mambos are connected to TRB 3;
-- PeterZumbruch - 04 Jun 2008


  • This you (Alex Gilz) should know better than me ...
    • The non working channel was ignored, since it affected the not very often used type of threshold
    • Maybe the new SPI4 version has cured the problem



  • Correct implementation of burt tools (q.v. mdchvmainfull2.adl)
    • base directory: /misc/hadesrpc/Epics/Thresholds/config
  • convince/force Diego to run medm as hadesrpc not as scs


  • request to Radek to provide SubEvtId as environment variable on the ETRAX
    • st.cmd and ETRAX
  • remove SxTRBy naming scheme part from .cmd and .db files
    • rpc_threshold.perl
  • create automatically .req files for burt
    • rpc_threshold.perl or make system (grep)
  • create automatically alarm handler files
    • rpc_threshold.perl or make system (grep)
  • calibration parameter ASLO and AOFF in ai/ao records instead of hard coding it in the code
    • rpc_thr.c
    • .templates
  • prepare ASG (access security groups)
    • .templates
  • IOC Error Handling
    • rpc_thr.c
  • move init function of SPI into init function of subRoutine record (singleton) and check on connectivity
    • rpc_thr.c
  • generate rpc_thr.h
  • find compiler switches for c99 compability when compiling the code

anything else ....

  • ???

-- PeterZumbruch - 04 Jun 2008
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