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HadCon - Introduction


HadCon is a general purpose IO module for detector and experiment control as well as for small data acquisition systems.


(HADControl general purpose board) Since its first application has been a power monitor for the Hades Shower Detector it has been formerly introduced and well known as HadShoPoMo (Hades Shower Power Monitor (HADControl/HadShoPoMo general purpose board).

HadCon has an SoC on-board, ETRAX 100LX MCM 4+16 from AXIS (Wikipedia: en/de) - which will be discontinued, see the new HadCon2.

Running a standard Linux the Etrax provides "Connectivity to the world" via TCP/IP.
On the other side it connects via its internal serial interface to an ATMEL AT90CAN128 microcontroller and optionally to an Xilinx CPLD.
Via this junction the ATMEL provides a multitude of possible connections to field buses and general I/O ports.

EPICS base and its applications, modules, and extensions can be cross-compiled to run on Etrax Axis' CRIS architecture (see section Architecture: ETRAX's CRIS by AXIS

  • Summarizing:
    • CPU: AXIS ETRAX 100LX MCM 4+16
    • Microcontroller: ATMEL AT90CAN128
      • I2C (internal)
        • 2 × 4-channel 8-Bit DAC - Digital-to-Analog Converter
      • CANbus
        • galvanically isolated CAN - High-speed CAN Transceiver
          • optional external power supply
      • SPI
      • ADCs
      • RS232
      • 32 digital I/Os
    • CPLD: Xilinx XCR3064XL-6CS48C
    • 2 × Rotary Code Switches, hexadecimal coding
    • Ericsson PME 5218TS switching regulator for up to 6A 3.3V power usable for other boards
    • full EPICS support

-- PeterZumbruch - 25 Nov 2013
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