Open the "CSPN-Tools" folder.

Here you can see the "CSPN-Tools.clearing", the "CSPN-Tools.inhibitor", the "CSPN-Tools.test" and a folder, called "edge weight".

CSPN-Tools.clearing edge
The clearing edge removes all markers from a place, if the connected transition switches. It is not a condition to this transition! It may be very efficient to your petri-net in some cases. Use it carefuly!

CSPN-Tools.inhibitor edge
The inhibitor edge is a condition to the following transition. The transition can switch only, if no markers are on the connected place. In response of switching, the edge does move no markers! Also this edge will be very efficient in some petri-net cases.
(Note:This edge makes the petri-nets turing-complete)

CSPN-Tools.test edge
This edge checks an input of a transition. The Transition can only switch, if there are Markers on the connected place. The different to an ordinary edge weight is, that no markers will be removed from the place by switching.

All tree special edges can only be used "pre-transition" that means in front of a transition!

Standart edges
Further inside the "edge weight" folder, you can find standart edges. One for post-transition and one for pre-transition usage.
A standart edge does only change the value of markers, which is moved from a place, or to a place, by a transition-switch.

-- AlexanderSchwinn - 06 Sep 2007
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