ObjectNets, corresponding to the CS-Framework are structures of Launch.viŽs, which are able to start several Objects on different Nodes and in different CS-Systems.
The watchdog functionallity of the the CS allows a CSON-Local Object (Which is needet on every CS-ON-System) to reboot dead/not responding Objects. Also chanches of the Net are provided to the CSON-Local Objects, which will do all necessary actions.

If the ObjectNets are finished, CSPetriNet could be implemented on the Base of the ObjectNets.

In front of a diploma-work Alexander Schwinn will implement the ObjectNets and, if the time allows it, the PetriNets too. As mentors Dr. Holger Brand and Dr. Dietrich Beck and maybe Dr. Bernd Baumgarten are available.

-- AlexanderSchwinn - 12 Sep 2006
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