Version History

1.01 -> 2.0

  • filling timer now works as it should :
    • first filling time : date added
    • "last filling time" is no longer saved but the "first filling time"
    • "forced fill" has no effect on the filling schedule

  • a tanks fills all detectors in queue before it changes its state to "wait for filling". (Tank.detector

2.0 -> 3.0

  • front panels : descriptions added

  • bugfix : the tank didnt fill all detectors in queue before the tank got filled, but only the detectors which were filled got finished. Now the 'get ready for filling' has no effect on the detectorfilling. (

  • HV : popup errormessages disabled (con_to_serv3/,,

  • HV : lost connection to the Server is now logged and logstatus can be changed in logsettings. Any other errors which occur when sending/recieving messages from the server are only shown at the error displays on the front panels. (logsettings.ini, GUI.set, HV.write, HV.Board status 2

  • The current status of the tanks and the pipeline are now shown on the info panel.(GUI.i, GUI.refresh GUI.2 info

  • bugfix : the tanks filling time was 1h to much due to time zones. ( : filling : exit)

  • bugfix : when a detector got filled not caused by rhe timer, the 'last filling time' was not correct. This is fixed now by setting the 'next/last filling time' in 'fill' instead of calling the 'filling timer : start filling' from the 'ProcState : wait for filling : entry'. (Detector.filling,, Detector.fill

  • When a detector gets filled the filling status is now set to 'filling' during the filling. ( : filling : entry)

  • Changed the logsettings.ini section called 'DSC' to 'general'. Now its possible to leave the 'ref in' at 'get log settings' unwired to access the 'general' section. (logsettings.ini, GUI.set, get

  • Power shutdown is now recognized by checking all temperatures, when any temperature equals 0. Status is stored in a shift register and a shutdown is logged. (logsettings.ini, ..., Power, Detector.refresh bleed

  • changed to Shutdown button is no longer visible and Labview exits when CS is stopped. And added a to stop the framework when the Autofillsystem is shutdown. Both vis have to be placed in the CSClass folder.

3.0 -> 4.0

  • There are now two pipelines available which makes it possible to divide the attached tanks into two groups which are filled separately.
  • For details see UpgradeToV4

4.0 -> 5.0

  • The fillingsystem is no longer started by default, but by pressing a 'START' button at the (,CS_process.mdb)
  • The DB_Config can now be started from the CS_Start_Rising front panel.
  • The DB_Config is customized for Rising_fillingsystem-Setup&Config purposes (partially very quick and dirty):
    • Removed some DIM functionality (the fillingsystem doesnt use DIM.) (write DIM_DSC
    • restricted to configure the actual CS-Database.(DB_Config.set
    • only classes which are part of the fillingsystem are visible. (DB_Config.get class filter added)
    • password protection added
  • improved logging and web info:
    • Tank and Pipeline status are visible in the web status ( cluster 2, fill_dummy.html)
    • Restart and shutdown of the system are logged. In the destructor the log is published to the weblog (GUI.write, GUI.write log.ctl, logsettings.ini, GUI.set, GUI.destructor,
    • Start of Tank filling is logged. (Tank.write, Tank.write log.ctl, logsettings.ini,, GUI.set
    • Start of Pipeline cooling is logged. (Pipeline.write log.ctl, Pipeline.write,, GUI.set, logsettings.ini)
    • the number of 'cooled detectors' was not reset in case of timeout. ( [could be removed from Tank])
-- TobiasHabermann - 13 Apr 2006
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