Rising Autofill System

The Rising Autofill System, formerly running as a Labview Application using ObjectView, was redesigned by using the CS framework instead of ObjectView.

Current Status

  • The system is running since 21.02.2006 at the Rising experiments. The current version (2.0) is still running in the LV development system. I am planning to release a new version after this beamtime (There are some smaller problems and requests for changes on the GUIs).
  • 15.03.06 : Beamtime is over. Upgraded to version 3.0. Now it has to be checked if any changes are necessary to apply the system to the experiment in the S2 area.
  • 15.03.06 : S2 : the detector filling can be done without any changes. For the necessary changes to fill the tank, see UpgradeToV4
  • 31.03.06 : Beamtime started today. We are now using the Autofill System to fill 15 cluster detectors placed in S4 and 8 miniballs placed in S2. With the new version (4.0) it is possible to fill the tanks separately (S2/S4).

-- TobiasHabermann - 22 Sep 2005

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