Preconfiguration of the Rising Autofillsystem

  • Check wether the following attributes have the correct values. (See OPC mapping) All other settings can be done during runtime.
    • Detector
    • Tank
      • PT100Bleed
      • ValveDistributor
      • ValveBleed
      • ValveTower
      • PressureValve
      • PressureMeasurement
    • Pipeline
      • ValveMain
      • Valve2Air
      • PT1002Air
    • Watchdog
      • on/off bit
      • send bit
  • Start the CS (The Autofill System should start automatically)
  • The following settings have to be done when running the system for the first time :
    • set logpath&pw : select a local path and a webpath where the logfile and HV information is stored and set the password
    • email settings : specify the server ( and the recievers.
    • HV Server - save path : set the path where the HV mapping is stored.
    • At last u can use the test connection to hardware, to see if the connection works.

-- TobiasHabermann - 02 Mar 2006
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