March 23, 2007, 9:30

Room: Vorraum der Atomphysik, GSI


  • Interface between accellerator and experiment control system


HolgerBrand, LudwigHechler, KlausHoeppner

Meeting minutes:

  1. DIM is known to persons on both sides
  2. DIM is well estabished in experiment control
  3. Accelerator provides a CORBA interface
  4. It should be feasable to create a gateway between accelerator and experiment control
    (DIM subscriber and CORBA Server) to access experiment equipment from the accelerator control system
  5. This gateway could be extended to be used the otherway round in a second step, too.
  6. Question: Who is doing the job?
    1. Accelerator division? In this case they would prefer to build an GSI device bus interface for the power supplies due to lack of man power.
    2. HITRAP people?
    3. There is an application for a postdoc position in EE/KS. That person may could do this job in a more general way that it becomes also usefull for other experiments if hired. The accelerator controls group would support this postdoc.

All: Please add what I have missed.

To Do

  • Priorities and time line in the accelerator controls group.
  • Decision for the power supplies and purchase.
  • Decision to hire the postdoc

Please check also the HTToDoList.

All: Please add what I have missed.

-- HolgerBrand - 24 Apr 2007

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