Configuration of the Data Logging and Supervisory Control Module

Please refer to the Configuration Instruction in FopiCsComputers first!



  • Tag Configuration: F:\FOPI\FOPI.scf
  • Maximum time between logs: 5 min
  • CAEN HV Channel mapping: F:\FOPI\configuration Files\Mapping.txt
    • Includes information how HV channels are mapped to detector sectors and temperature sensors.
  • default alarm settings for CAEN HV and temperature values: F:\FOPI\FoPi.ini
    • HI HI and HI are limits to be exceeded to cause an alarm
    • LO LO and LO are limits to be under - run to cause an alarm
    • The limits have to be in ascending order from LO LO to HI HI, otherwise the default settings of the specific parameter wonŽt affect the DSCEngine.
    • A limit initialized with 0 disables the alarm limit. In any other case the alarm limit will be enabled.
  • CITADEL Database: F:\FOPI\DSC
  • OPC-Servers
    • CAEN.HVOPCServer
      • Connection Parameter:
        • Update Rate: 1 s
        • Deadband: 0.01 % of range
    • TwinCAT OPC Server
      • Connection Parameter:
        • Update Rate: 1 s
        • Deadband: 0.01 % of range

Where to go next?

Continue with FopiCsConfiguration.

-- HolgerBrand - 04 Jul 2005
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