CS Workshop, February 2007


The results of the workshop can be found here.


Dear Colleagues,

we, the experiment control system group @ GSI, would like to invite you to a workshop dedicated to the CS framework. Please feel free to forward this information to other colleagues.

The main idea behind this workshop is to bring the users and developers of CS together to discuss about the present status and future developments.

So far, CS is in use at a couple of experiments and facilities. Lots of features and classes have been added over the past years. The design and base classes of CS have proven to work. Furthermore the new CS version 3.0 will be released soon (some experiment already switched to or started with the new version). We feel that it is just the right time for the second workshop.

This workshop will take place at GSI in "DVEE Besprechungsraum", SB2 2.239B, on
February 1 2007, Thursday, 09:00 to 18:00 (evening: dinner)
February 2 2007, Friday, 09:00 to 15:00.

We try to run the a Breeze Web-Meeting in parallel, so that people from anywhere could join the workshop remotely.

Since nobody registered for remote participation the Breeze Meeting is canceled.

It would be nice if you could provide us with some suggestions about the topics you would like to be informed about and and/or the topics you would like to discuss. Please let us know, if you intend to come to the workshop or not.

Registered Participants

JoernAdamczewski, DietrichBeck, HolgerBrand, HaraldBraeuning, StefanGoette, TobiasHabermann, FrankHerfurth, AlexanderHerlert, OliverKester, PiotrKoczon, ValentinKozlov, AnaMartin, DennisNeidherr, HubertReymond, AdriaanRijllart, JoshSavory, AlexanderSchwinn, MichaelTandecki, MartinVaupotits, FalkZiegler, PeterZumbruch


Maybe it is a good idea to contribute to the CsWishList to enable us to derive a concrete agenda.

Wanted: A sponsor for coffee and cookies!
GSI has no money left. All attendees are asked to bring some cookies, peanuts, flips etc.

Thursday, February 1st 2007
Start Topic Speaker Time Link
9:00 Welcome HolgerBrand 15 min CS-Workshop2007Welcome.ppt
9:15 CS-Framework Overview DietrichBeck 30+15 min CSFrameworkOverview.ppt
10:00 Coffee   15 min  
10:15 LabVIEW-DIM-Interface DietrichBeck 20+10 min LabVIEWDIM-Interface.ppt
10:45 EPICS-DIM-Interface, incl. demo PeterZumbruch 20+10 min  
11:15 Topic Speaker 20+10 min  
12:00 Lunch   30+30 min  
13:00 PHELIX CS 3.00 Upgrade StefanGoette 20+10 min CS-Workshop2007-SG.ppt
13:30 ClusterTrap CS Status FalkZiegler 20+10 min  
14:00 LEBIT Status JoshSavory 20+10 min  
14:30 Discussion of Resusability All 30 min  
15:00 Coffee   30 min  
16:30 Status of CsSequencer HolgerBrand 20+10 min CS-Workshop2007Sequencer.ppt
17:00 Topic Speaker 20+10 min  
17:30 Questions and answers ALL 30 min  

19:30 Dinner@Storchen

Friday, February 2nd 2007
Start Topic Speaker Time Link
9:00 Object & Petri Nets AlexanderSchwinn 20+10 min Objekt-PetriNetze.ppt
9:30 Discussion of GUI-Design All 20+10 min  
10:00 Coffee   15 min  
10:15 Discussion on re-useability and quality standards of code ALL 20+10 min  
10:45 Useful LabVIEW 8.20 features, online demo HolgerBrand 20+10 min CS-Workshop2007UsefullLV82Features.ppt
11:15 EPICS-LabVIEW_DSC-Intergration, online demo HolgerBrand 20+10 min  
11:45 Lunch   30+30 min  
12:45 Topic Speaker 20+10 min  
13:15 XControls DietrichBeck 20+10 min demo only, no slides
13:45 Discussion of CS future All 30+15 min  
14:30 Coffee with Questions and answers ALL 30+X min  

Possible topics to discuss:

  • Status & Problems
  • Integration into LabVIEW 8.20
    • CS XControl library (intelligent controls and indicators)
    • How to profit from Drag & Drop functionality
      e.g. drag a data source objectname and drop it into a data sink object for display.
    • SimpleObjectGUI
  • Database
    • Runtime parameter database with version control (Diploma thesis)
  • Application Layer
    • Object & Petri Nets (Diploma thesis)
    • Partitioning

Preparation of Discussion Topics

  • Status & Problems
  • Requirements
    • Device Layer
    • Application Layer
    • Operating Layer

-- HolgerBrand - 06 Feb 2007
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CS-Workshop2007Sequencer.pptppt CS-Workshop2007Sequencer.ppt manage 1 MB 2007-02-06 - 10:11 HolgerBrand CS-Workshop 2007 Sequencer
CS-Workshop2007UsefullLV82Features.pptppt CS-Workshop2007UsefullLV82Features.ppt manage 558 K 2007-02-06 - 10:12 HolgerBrand CS-Workshop 2007 Usefull LV 82 Features
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Objekt-PetriNetze.pptppt Objekt-PetriNetze.ppt manage 1 MB 2007-02-06 - 10:13 HolgerBrand CS Objekt- & Petri-Netze
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