Results of the CS Workshop in February 2007

  • Next CS Releases
    • CS Release 3.10 (short term)
      • no new features compared to CS 3.00
      • very few minor changes compared to CS 3.00
      • based on LV 8.20
        • using LV projects
        • using a library (lvlib) for each class
      • pre-alpha release in spring 2007
      • release in summer 2007
    • CS Release > 3.10 (mid term)
      • users do not wish major changes
      • restrict to occasional maintenance releases
    • CS Release > 4.00 (long term)
      • users do not wish major changes like switching to built-in OO features of LabVIEW
      • no plans yet
  • Device Base Classes
    • There exists an idea of defining base classes for device classes. Possible candidates are
      • arbitrary function generator base class
      • power supply base class
      • oscilloscope base class
    • A few people like Holger, Dietrich and Frank will meet in February 2007 to discuss the requirements.
    • An alternative to base classes would be usage of template classes (example classes).
  • Other ideas
    • A class (or an extension of an existing class) that shows states (ERROR, READY, CONFIGURED, ...)
    • CSObjectNet. Have been presented by Holger and Alex and will be ready end of February 2007. Any volunteers for a first application?
    • Coding conventions. As an example, one could use the VI analyzer tool to ensure quality standards of code. Do we want that and who takes care of that? There is no commitment by the project leaders of the different groups to enforce such coding conventions.
    • Reusability. It would be nice, if one could establish standards for classes, so that they are less experiment specific and can be reused by others. Of course, this requires some work by the original developer. There is no commitment by the project leaders of the different groups. The only idea here is the usage of device base classes (see above).
    • The tool for the configuration data base needs some modifications. Who takes care of that?
    • CsDatabase. Some users have requested a versioned data base for settings. What are the requirements and who is willing to implement that?
  • We propose a next CS workshop on January 24-25 2008.


Group photo of workshop

-- DietrichBeck - 05 Feb 2007
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