Amongst our users MS-Windows is the primary operating system. Linux is only used in rare cases. The main reason for supporting Linux is to improve the confidence in the CS code.

CS Version 2.00d4 - 3.00

We have tested CS on Debian Linux, Kernel 2.4.XX using LabVIEW 7.1. This How-To addresses only Linux specific points for the installation and running of CS. The installation procedure in general is the same as for the MS-Windows platform, except that some packages (like LVDimInterface) are specific for the platform (this is obvious from the packagename). Information about how to use LabVIEW in Linux is provided here.

CS Version 3.10...

We using CS on SuSE 10.3 using LabVIEW 8.2.1. Again the installation procedure is the same as for the MS-Linux platform. The only difference is, that there are no more platform specific packages. This has been achieved by using the "conditional disable structures" that have been introduced by the newer LabVIEW versions.


A couple of classes can not be used on Linux. Instead of listing the classes by name, some hints are given to identify those classes. The following does not work/exist for LabVIEW on Linux (yet).

  1. Datalogging & Supervisory Control (DSC) module. As a consequence, the following code is not executable.
    • DSCIntProc class (you may use the DIMIntProc class instead).
    • All classes using direct method calls to the DSCIntProc class.
    • All classes based on instrument drivers that use VIs of the DSC module.
  2. IVI toolkit. All classes using the IVI toolkit can not be used.
  3. NI-Scope. All classes using the NI-Scope toolkit can not be used.
  4. SQL toolkit.
  5. The DAQmx driver. (NI supports only DAQmxBase).


Follow the hints given in the Getting Started - Basic Level.


After installation, pre-compiled binaries for Linux can be found in ROOTPATCH/binaries/CS/... .


The database connectivity is provided by the CSSqlServer. This must run on a Windows PC. See configuration of database.

-- DietrichBeck - 22 Jan 2008
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