Getting Started - Medium Level

This How-To aims at describing how to set up one normal CS system on one PC. Before starting, install a minimalistic CS system according to Getting Started - Basic Level . The main difference to the basic level is the setting up of the configuration database. The connection to the database is realized via ODBC. Therefore, the actions in THIS How-To require a Windows OS.

Download and Installation

  1. Download and install the following packages.
    1. CSSqlServer
    2. CSDB_Config
  2. If desired, copy the file ...\LV820\GPL\Projects\cs-framework\CS_process.mdb to a folder where you keep other setting files as well.
  3. Configure the ODBC Data Source. At this step, just do the following.
    1. Choose a unique name for your CS system.
    2. Add a configuration of one object of the SuperProc class "SYSTEMNAME\Super" into the database. Example: if your SYSTEMNAME (in the you enter this at the control "systemID") is "mySystem", your SuperProc object must have the name "mySystem\Super". Most conveniently, you use the CSDBTools -> mark the "SuperProc" class -> mark the the demo object "TestSystem\Super" -> do "Create instances with default values" to create a copy of "TestSystem\Super"->Change the name to "mySystem\Super".
    3. Add the configuration of a few objects of the class BaseProcss into the database.


Check for DIM installation and configuration before you continue!
  1. Make sure that your SQLServer is running
    1. Browse to "ROOTPATH\binaries\CSSqlServer"
    2. Run CSSqlServer.exe
  2. For runtime systems:
    1. Browse to "ROOTPATH\binaries\CS"
    2. Run CS.exe
  3. For development system:
    1. Open LabVIEW
    2. Open the "ROOTPATH\LV820\GPL\Projects\cs-framework\CSClass\"
  4. Clear the text field "domainName"
  5. Enter the SYSTEMNAME in "systemID"
  6. Enter the name of your ODBC data source
  7. Enter the node of your CSSqlServer (if empty it will be assumed to be the local node)
  8. Press "Set"
  9. CS will now start
  10. Have a look at the Object Inspector
  11. Have a look at the General Object GUI. Try to add and create the objects of the BaseProcess class you have configured previously.

-- DietrichBeck - 15 Sep 2006
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