Preparing Experiments

A few formalities need to be met when preparing an experimental setup for a beamtime at CRYRING:

Prior to delivery of components

For any new experimental installation in CRYRING@ESR, three documents are mandatory and must be provided by the suppliers of the component. These document must be ready at delivery of the instrument to the GSI campus:
  • Conformity declaration to EU regulations,
  • Users manual,
  • Risk assessment (weblogin required).

Prior to the beamtime

Experiment Acceptance

Before starting a beamtime, the spokesperson of the experiment needs to organize and participate in an inspection for experiment acceptance:
  1. Please organize an appointment for the inspection with mail experimentabnahme @ and the safety personnel (STVs) in time before your experiment starts. In the future, send registrations of experiment acceptances to this address, please. In addition, we are at your disposal to clarify questions and uncertainties in the run-up to the acceptance.
  2. Please prepare the experiment acceptance protocol external in advance and circulate it to all participants of the inspection.
  3. Please note: a current risk assessment for the experiment is elementary for occupational safety and is therefore required in the context of experiment acceptance.
If you have any questions about this, you can reach the colleagues from occupational safety via the functional email address mentioned above.

Radioactive Sources

If your experiment uses or requires radioactive source, please see the GSI regulations on radioactive substances and on radioactive waste.

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