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Important Phone Numbers for CRYRING@ESR experiments

The following list contains some important phone numbers inside of GSI. If you are calling from outside the number is +49 (0)6159-71-xxxx.

This list does not contain any personal phone numbers for privacy reasons. During experiments the CRYRING on-call service can be reached via the main control room, the numbers of the experimenters can usually be found on the whiteboard in the local control room.

Other phone numbers can be found in the GSI Phonebook.

In case of emergency: Please contact emergency services (112) or the police (110) directly to save time. After you have done that contact the "Werkschutz" (3333), they will instruct the emergency services on arrival. They can also inform GSI first aiders and provide a defibrillator.

Destination Phone Number Comments
emergency number ("Werkschutz") 3333 contact in case of emergencies (e.g. accidents, fire) in addition to regular emergency services
main control room ("HKR") 2222 first point of contact for all machine related issues
main control room - CRYRING console 2234 CRYRING operators can often be reached here during the day
CRYRING local control room 3060  
CRYRING cave - source 3056  
CRYRING cave - electron cooler 2011  
CRYRING cave - YR04 experiments 2140  
CRYRING cave - YR09 experiments 3253  
CRYRING cave - entrance 2841  
Radiation safety on-call service (pager) 12-5291-xxxx The radiation safety shift will be paged to call you back at your extension xxxx.
In the event of a failure of the GSI telephone system the mobile emergency numbers are 0151 541 678 70 and 0151 541 682 61.
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