PPG 100 Installation @ SHIPTRAP

This page describes how to install the PPG100 at SHIPTRAP. It is a detailed version of CsPpg100.


  1. Install PPG-WIN program as localadmin (file "PPG100\ppg12w9.zip").
  2. Install DLL as localadmin (file "PPG100\ppgdll_1.5.zip"). Use only default directories.
  3. Change security/access settings of the installation directories, so that the desired user account (e.g. SHTRCTRL) has full access.
  4. Copy files "dummy.pat" and "ppg.ini" from "S:\CS\data" to "E:\ppg_lib\dll32".
  5. Copy "ppgdll32.dll" from "E:\ppg_lib\dll32" to "SHIPTRAP\CS\data".
  6. Check the settings of the PPG-object in the "CS_process.mdb" database. The path for the .dll and .ini files (Interface0) should be the local installation directory (e.g. "E:\ppg_lib\dll32").

-- ChristianRauth - 15 Nov 2006
Topic revision: r1 - 2006-11-15, ChristianRauth
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