CS - A Control System Framework for Experiments

CS is a framework that can be used by many experiments. CS is a multi-threaded, event driven, object oriented and distributed framework with SCADA functionality. An experiment control system can be developed by combining the CS framework with experiment specific add-ons. CS is supported on MS-Windows and on Linux (real-time OS Pharlap, LabVIEW RT: please ask).

The software is GPL licensed.


Current versions


  • 30-Jun-2011: New class AccInterface, V1.3.0.0, is available. I implements the CORBA based interface to GSI accelerator control system. It is built into an application CS_Acc.exe, V1.0.0.0. Subversion revision 7360.
  • 16-Feb-2011: updated package CSSR430
  • 17-Jan-2011: updated package CSApplicationBaseClasses
  • 23-Dec-2010: updated package CSDSC_SCADA
  • 21-Dec-2010: released package CSMain 3.21
  • 20-Dec-2010: updated package CSPackaging
  • 14-Dec-2010: released package CSMain 3.21.beta1
  • 25-Nov-2010: released package CSMain 3.21.alpha1
  • 24-Nov-2010: updated package CSSqlServer
  • 24-Nov-2010: released package CSMain 3.20
  • 18-Nov-2010: updated package CS2Java
  • 18-Nov-2010: updated class documentation of packages maintained by db
  • 16-Nov-2010: updated package CSDAQ_E_mIO
  • 15-Nov-2010: updated package CSApplicationBaseClasses
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About this web site ...

All CS developers are welcome to contribute! To edit this web, please do two things. First you have to register. Second, send an eMail to a registered CS developer that he/she can add you to the CSDeveloperGroup. Then, you may edit any page by clicking on the "Edit" button. It does not matter whether you are inside or outside GSI.

-- DennisNeidherr & HolgerBrand - 16 Nov 2012
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