Unified TACSA Control System

This is the documentation of the UTCS. It is based on LabVIEW, NI Actor Framework and CS++.

Computer Configurations

Following PC will be used in the UTCS. All PC are Windows 7 SP1 64-Bit, it not stated otherwise.

  • KCPC080 will become the new central UTCS PC.
  • More PC's are available: KCPC081, KCPC082, KCPC083.
  • Old PC's:
    • KCPC068: BeamControl
    • KCPC069: TargetWheelControl. This systems is not touched and will be used stand-alone as before.
    • KCPC070: RTC Gas control
    • KCPC071: TASCA Gas control
    • KCPC078: Will become the Magnet Control PC equipped with a MIL-Bus interface card (Windows 7 SP1 32-Bits)

Source Code Control

Source files are available on the GitLab-Server of GSI. Dependencies on other submodules are mentioned in the corresponding Readme files.
  • UTCS is the development project.
  • COMPACT is the submodule containing the COMPACT specific stuff.
  • Device Layer
    • CSPP_MKS647C contains the actor for the MKS647C gas mixer.

Latest Production Release

The latest status of TASCA Control System SW can be found as bare Git repositories at \\wincontrols\data\Brand\Git\TASCA_BeamControl.git. They were cloned from KCPC068.

-- HolgerBrand - 2017-06-30
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