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%IF{"$WEBSUMMARY = ''" then=" "}% * Project Meetings: Minutes, Slides * WP topics and structure on one slide * Reports * Machine Advisory Committee (...
SIS100 machine data and beam parameters 1 Nominal U28 bunch 1 Nominal proton bunch 1 Reference model for the main magnets: Dipoles Bn, Quadrupoles Bn, Di...
p 4 GeV Slip factor eta=–0.0234 Vrf=66kV delp_rms=1.1e 3 h=10 fs=195 Hz Qx=10.3 Qy=10.4 Particle number per bunch Np=5e12=2e13/4 Bunch length (4sigma) = 24.9...
U28 200 MeV /u Slip factor eta=–0.67 Vrf=58.2kV delp_rms=0.5e 3 h=10 fs=0.703 kHz Qx=18.84 Qy=18.73 Particle number per bunch Np=0.625e11=5e11/8 Bunch lengt...
Main Quadrupole Magnets, rms random error amplitudes: * d(b2)=24e 4, which corresponds to dK1n=5.17e 4(1/m2) * d(a2)=20e 4, which corresponds to dK1s=4.3e 4...
Machine Advisory Committee MAC Homepage Talks related to SIS100 Beam Dynamics * MAC21 May 2019. SIS100 beam dynamics and transverse feedback, V.Kornilov. Slid...
Reports related to the SIS100 Beam Dynamics * Slow Extraction Efficiency, S.Sorge * General Specifications for the Transfer Feedback System, V.Kornilov *...
Main.SabrinaAppel 04 Aug 2016 Simulationscodes The following list contains the codes used for the activities in WP “SIS100 Beam Dynamics”. Codes Description ...
SIS100BD Web Preferences Appearance * Set WEBBGCOLOR = #2a90ea * web specific background color, current color * Set SITEMAPLIST = on * set to...
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