1 Project GSI/ALICE Participation in LCG SC3

Participation of GSI as ALICE T2 centre in LCG SC3

GSI wants to take part as ALICE T2 centre in the LCG Service Challenges SC3. The for T2-centres relevant starting time is September 2005, in which mainly the stability of the services will be tested. As usual ALICE will use LCG services via the AliEn-LCG interface. The logical sequences of the interface is as follows:
  • AliEn-UI-> submit -> AliEn TQ -> AliEn CE -> LCG UI -> LCG RB -> LCG CE
  • AliEn SE -> LCG SRM -> DPM/dCache -> Disk


  • phone conference with GridKa and DESY beginning of July
  • first data transfer test with GridKa end of July
  • until middle of July: GridKa runs first tests with DESY (FTS governed SRM)
  • starting from middle of July: first tests with other T2s
  • start of Throughput tests: July 11
  • start of ALICE Service Phase: beginning of September 2005
  • end of phase 1: September 25, 2005

important e-mail-addresses:

Status of Tasks and Services

  • 15 TB disk servers have to be installed and set up as well as included into the system
    • 8 TB are online via dCache and 3 pool nodes:
    • GSI srmpath:
      • srm://grid0.gsi.de:8443/pnfs/gsi.de/data/alice
      • srm://grid0.gsi.de:8443/pnfs/gsi.de/data/dech
      • srm://grid0.gsi.de:8443/pnfs/gsi.de/data/dteam
    • access via gridftp
      • gsiftp://grid0.gsi.de/pnfs/gsi.de/data/alice/
  • an AliEn2 node (grid1.gsi.de) has to be installed and interfaced to LCG with the following essential services
    • AliEn SE (ok !) to be interfaced to LCG SRM
    • xrootd if not supplied by LCG (ok)
    • ClusterMonitor (ok)
    • CE (ok !)
    • AliEn PackMan and interfaced to VO_ALICE_SW_DIR
  • LCG 2.5 -> 2.6 has to be installed with the following essential services
  • correct versions of AliRoot/ROOT (ok) (most probably installed via AliEn)


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