Sys admin for Physics in Korea

Dear Colleagues,

KISTI (South Korea) is seeking an expert in CAF & System Administration. New employee will work for the construction of CAF and Tier1 testbed and will have many chances to participate new project.

- For more information about KISTI, visit But, not so much information in there. - Currently, NSDC of KISTI is hosting ALICE Tier2 - NSDC of KISTI is serving some number of experiments * ALICE / Belle / CDF(OSG) / STAR / LIGO(OSG) * Some number of Korean only experiments : Neuro Science, DMRC, RENO, etc - NSDC is trying to host CAF & T1 testbed for ALICE

KISTI is located at Daejeon City which is THE capital of Korean Science. This city is around 1 hour distance from Seoul by express train. Prices of life in Korea is around half of western Europe (for more detail information, contact Dr. Bonnaud. He is working for KISTI, since 2008. see below)

Mandatory Requirements for applicants:

- English : Fluent - Master or PhD Degree

Recommended Requirements

- Experience on the management of Tier1 Center's resources - Experience on the construction of CAF (CERN Analysis Farm) - Experience on the handling of Tape Storage

Contract Condition

- For Master degree person, * 2 years - For PhD degree person, * 2 years + 1 or 2 more extension is possible

If you want to get more information about this, contact one of following people:

- Dr. Beob Kyun Kim : - Dr. Christophe Bonnaud : (C'est un francais)

Thanks and Regards,

Beob Kyun Kim

-- Beob Kyun KIM, Ph. D. NSDC - KISTI Supercomputing Center, (P) +82-42-869-0782/ (M) +82-10-4422-1584/ (F) +82-42-869-0789

-- KilianSchwarz - 12 Jan 2010
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