CASTOR Development

> CERN has two positions open now for development work on the CASTOR
> Mass Storage System. These positions are suitable for people with
> backgrounds in either C++ programming or database application
> development.
> CASTOR will be at the heart of data storage operations for the LHC,
> handling a data rate to tape of up to 2.5GB/s whilst simultaneously
> supporting data traffic of 5-10GB/s on a disk pool of over 5PB. We
> are currently deploying a new version of the Castor system with a
> database centric design and providing scheduled access to data
> files using either Platform's LSF system or the MAUI scheduler.
> Successful candidates for these positions will be deeply involved
> in this deployment and in the preparations for full scale LHC
> operations---with two major tape libraries and 80 high speed tape
> drives being installed now for the test programme in 2006.
> If you are interested in these positions please contact
> or
> For more information on qualification requirements and conditions,
> please see:
> **********************
> IT Department
> European Organization for Nuclear Research
> CH-1211 Geneva 23
> Telephone: +41.22.767.42.62
> Fax: +41.22.767.49.00

-- KilianSchwarz - 09 Dec 2005
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